Iaep, inc. Teaching horse owners and professionals holistic hoof care. 

Celebrating 20 years

Above are the links to finding a qualified hoof care provider. The Institute uses a star rating to illustrate the level of achievement for each alumnus. All of our active graduates who complete Continuing Professional Development training have a star rating. 

DAEP stands for Diploma in Applied Equine Podiatry, displays a blue star. DAEP 2 represents those DAEP actively enrolled in our Advanced Level Program, displays a silver star. ADAEP represents active graduates of our Advanced Level Program, displays a gold star. Those without a star rating are graduates in good standing having elected not to enroll in CPD. 

Our graduates do not represent themselves as medical professionals, but rather as Applied Equine Podiatrists who apply the theories and principles of Applied Equine Podiatry. Each graduate follows guidelines set forth in the Institute's Declaration of Ethics . We are confident that you will find their work to be beyond reproach. Their skill and knowledge of the equine foot is extensive. They do not in any way make claim to diagnosing, or treating diseases of the equine foot, they do and will, under the authority of an attending veterinarian, provide the highest level of care possible for your horse. Hoof Care requires a team effort, and that team should include the Owner, Veterinarian, and an Active DAEP.

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