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five day hoof trimming course​

Obtain a complete understanding of hoof health and begin to become proficient at hoof trimming in this comprehensive, five-day technical course. You will receive individualized training in the classroom, in the wet lab and under the horse, covering all aspects of hoof health assessment, functional hoof trimming, balance, corrective hoof procedures and so much more.  

Five-Day Course Curriculum: 

The curriculum of this course was developed to provide a broad, in-depth study of the equine foot and its workings. Structure, Function and Performance are defined. Gait, conformation, and environment are all addressed.

It is our hope that this course will lead to an increased desire to learn all one can about Applied Equine Podiatry and its practice. This course will provide the Horse Owner and Care Giver with many of the answers to the questions surrounding hoof care, Applied Equine Podiatry and the HPT Method. Developing  communication skills, so that you may better communicate your needs to others is just one goal of this course. 

Day One: Theory

Classroom time consisting of a study of Applied Equine Podiatry and Holistic Hoof Care, and how it differs from and basic barefoot trimming and the traditional farrier practice. Lecture includes  functional anatomy, Circulation (Hemodynamics), and understanding dynamic balance. There is a thorough review of the Suspension Theory of Hoof Dynamics and the IAA Model (Internal Arch Apparatus Model). Extensive classroom materials are included (power points, exercises, evaluation forms, etc.).

Day Two: Application

Classroom time to include study of AEP's foundational formula S+F=P (Structure + Function=Performance). Conformation and Function of the structures of the equine foot and the hoof  is taught. Emphasis is placed on the importance of the application of correct stimulus to the hoof for the return of, or maintaining health, and performance. Defining the "missing structures" in the farrier and veterinarian world is covered, with an indepth introduction to the "hoof wall matrix," Do you have it? and how to get it. Additional time is spent on understanding  how to properly care for and transition horses to Applied Equine Podiatry.

Day Three: Dissection

Indepth exploration of the internal workings of the equine foot and the hoof capsule that protects it, through dissection. Foot and Hoof theory and functional anatomy are outlined throughout the demonstration, always referring to whole horse health, and the effect foot function plays in achieving whole horse performance. 

​Introduction to using the Spectrum of Usability for protecting the welfare of the horse, with continued lessons in how to achieve performance and health through the application of correct stimulus for the development of healthy structure.

Day Four: Practical Application

 Students are introduced to tool use for the application of the HPT Method (High Performance Trim Method). Cadavers are used to demonstrate the HPT Method, and to establish a base of information for the use of the Spectrum of Usability.  Why to trim, not just How to trim.  

Day Five: Live Application

Day begins with an introduction to safely getting under the horse, followed by instruction in the application of the HPT Method (High Performance Trim Method) to live horses. Horses are provided if the student chooses not to bring their own horse. The day ends with Q & A. Study of Whole Horse Hoof Care and the application of the HPT Model, with the HPT Method being the main topic. Cadavers are used to demonstrate the HPT Method, and to establish a base of information for the use of the Spectrum of Usability.Due to Insurance Liabilities, Live Horses will only be available for those courses where all students agree to sign a waiver of liability in advance. Live Horses will be used for gait analysis, hoof study, and trimming only. In the event horses are used, a minimum of two hours will be spent on safe horse handling.

Cost: $795.00 USA

​         $1100.00 Europe and UK

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