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AEP 3  "Podiatry Mastery"

The AEP 3 Program takes podiatry to the next level! In today’s equine industry the title equine podiatrist is being adopted by many. The reality is that most of these self-proclaimed podiatrists have no more knowledge of the equine foot than the average horse owner. The goal of this course is to set our graduates apart from the crowd. This can only be accomplished by offering graduates the opportunity to master the skills needed to aid the horse in achieving peak health and performance. This course will help to hone diagnostic skills, trimming skills, and fabrication skills (orthotics). Students will learn how to perform a lameness / performance evaluation and how to report / document their findings. Conventional performance shoeing protocols will be discussed, and alternatives will be taught. The ADAEP 3 will learn how to meet the requirements for treating not only the lame horse, but also the performance horse. This course teaches the skills needed to treat lameness and to improve performance in the equine athlete. Caring for the racehorse, show jumper, eventer, and reining horse will all be discussed. Exploring alternatives to traditional shoeing and how to implement those alternatives will be taught. The student can expect to walk away from this program with the tools needed to care for just about any horse that comes their way.

AEP 3 Syllabus
AEP 2  "advanced level adaep"
AEP 1  "Entry level daep"

The learning need never stop. The Institute offers the only Advanced Applied Equine Podiatry Program in the world with  emphasis on high performance and pathologies of the equine foot. This program empowers our graduates with the skills needed to advance modern hoof care to new heights.​​

Step One: Completion of On-Line Level Two Program  (self paced, approx. 100 hrs.)

Step Two: Completion of 80 Hours of Practical Course Hours

AEP 2 Syllabus

Through IAEP, you can train to become an entry-level Hoof Care Provider in just 18 months. You'll get hands on training on many types of horses, all while being exposed to the latest research and technologies. You will gain the skills needed to excel in the rapidly changing world of professional hoof care. 

Achieve a diploma in applied equine podiatry  

begin a career doing what you love, working with horses

Step One: Enroll in the Institute's On-Line Program (10 modules of study)

Step Two: Enroll in Five Practical courses (Requires 200 hours) 

Step Three: Pass Written exams and a Practical Exam


AEP 1 Syllabus