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​KC's book is off to the editor's! It won't be long now. This is very exciting!


Be sure to check out our Care Provider listings, they have been updated for 2018. This list has all of our active alumni listed. This list also denotes an alumnus current CPD (continuing professional development and learning). ​​

New Product Release

​News: IAEP has entered into an agreement to distribute a new product to help increase traction and reduce wear in the Perfect Hoof Wear. D.E. Hoof Taps, an innovative device is offered as an option in our standard PHW kits and individually in 24 and 100 count packaging.  D.E.Hoof Taps are also used in the barefoot horse to help reduce wear, treat wall separation and infection, under run heals, and a host of other problems associated with wear and distortion. KC introduced  this product at his courses last month held in England and France. He is confident that this product will help hoof care providers help many horses. 

Click Here: Case Study #1 with PHW and Hoof Taps

​                   Case Study #2 Barefoot Paso and Hoof Taps​​

happy new year everyone! 2018 is well under way. 

January 2018: The 3 day course Exploring Chronic Founder held at Chichester University in Chichester England was a great success.  The course was full with 20 in attendance from the UK and Sweden including DAEPs, Farriers, and Trimmers.  KC presented the fundamentals of AEP on the first day followed by two days of intense learning on Equine Digital Osteoarthritis. Much information from his soon to be released book was discussed. 

​​KC then traveled to France to conduct a level one course and a second 3 day course for exploring chronic founder and equine digital osteoarthritis. The 3 day course had 30 in attendance from France, Italy, Belgium, and Canada including farriers and DAEPs. As always the France courses were full of enthusiastic students that couldn't get enough. 

​​Breaking News: Luca Moneta has become an authorized dealer of Perfect Hoof Wear in Italy. You may recall the success Luca has had in using PHW on his show jumpers. We are excited to have him and his team representing AEP and PHW in Italy. 

​​IAEP to introduce several innovative educational opportunities in 2018.
Open Dates: With several open dates still posted in 2018 now is the time to schedule a course or workshop. Contact our office for details. Host receive free tuition for hosting. We have the experience to help you host a successful and rewarding course. If you have wanted to learn how to provide the best hoof care for your horses, or if you have entertained the idea of a new career, this is an opportunity that can help you define and reach your goals. Call or Email  today. Office 239-231-5449
The Institute's founder Keith "KC" La Pierre will conduct a three (3) day Chronic Founder Workshop. This workshop will include the presentation of the latest information concerning Laminitis, Founder, and Chronic Founder. The workshop will be open to all active students, DAEP, and ADAEP, as well as farriers, veterinarians, and concerned horse professionals. Visit our calendar page to enroll.
​February: Demonstrations in the use of Perfect Hoof Wear for the treatment of hoof deformities will be added to select entry level hoof care courses. This begins with the Boutiful, Utah course. Join other hoof care enthusiast in learning how to best treat common hoof problems by becoming proactive in your approach.  Reserve your spot today! 

2017 Was a banner year

November: Keith "KC" La Pierre traveled to Italy to consult on hoof care with Luca Moneta, Mr. Moneta is an accomplished rider, instructor, and member of the Italian team in many National, European, and World Championships. Applied Equine Podiatry fits nicely with Mr. Moneta's natural approach to horsemanship and whole horse hoof care.

​KC spent two days consulting and working on several of Luca's top performers. Using Pegasus Gait Smart gait analysis system he was able to verify improvements and changes that occurred with the application of the HPT Method and a host of appliances used to improve performance. Recently we received word that the horses we worked on with Luca's farrier have been performing exceptionally well. In fact the last horse we worked on showed in Germany the following weekend and turned in four perfect rounds. Luca is very excited about implementing AEP into his training and care. 

​I want to thank Sebastiano Piazza, ADAEP and  Alessio Marchiani, DAEP for their help and support in implementing gait analysis and recording the all important Spectrum of Usability. Special thank you goes out to future DAEP Ambrogio Serugetti for making the introductions. 

Please visit www.lucamoneta.

Check this page often for information on newly forming courses, workshops, book, and video releases. 

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