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2017 has been a great year, and it continues with....

November: Keith "KC" La Pierre will be traveling to Milano, Italy to visit  and consult on hoof care with Luca Moneta, Mr. Moneta is an accomplished rider, instructor, and member of the Italian team in many National, European, and World Championships. Applied Equine Podiatry fits nicely with Mr. Moneta's natural approach to horsemanship and whole horse hoof care. Please visit www.lucamoneta.com 

IAEP to introduce several innovative educational opportunities in 2018.

Open Dates: With several open dates still posted in 2018 now is the time to schedule a course or workshop. Contact our office for details. Host receive free tuition for hosting. We have the experience to help you host a successful and rewarding course. If you have wanted to learn how to provide the best hoof care for your horses, or if you have entertained the idea of a new career, this is an opportunity that can help you define and reach your goals. Call or Email  today. Office 239-231-5449

January: The Institute's founder Keith "KC" La Pierre will conduct a three (3) day Chronic Founder Workshop. This workshop will include the presentation of the latest information concerning Laminitis, Founder, and Chronic Founder. The workshop will be open to all active students, DAEP, and ADAEP. Visit our calendar page to enroll.

February: Demonstrations in the use of Perfect Hoof Wear for the treatment of hoof deformities will be added to select entry level hoof care courses. This begins with the Boutiful, Utah course. Join other hoof care enthusiast in learning how to best treat common hoof problems by becoming proactive in your approach.  Reserve your spot today

Check this page often for information on newly forming courses, workshops, book, and video releases. 

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