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Hello everyone. The past several months have been very busy for us at the Institute. We have completed our move to the Ocala Florida area and we are looking forward to offering several new workshops and courses here in 2020. 

October will be a very busy month, with two courses being held in France and one in Italy. We will be holding our fall Level 1 Course in Champ Sur Tarintane first followed by our Advanced Level Course. Then, starting on November 1st we will be in Italy holding a 3-day Chronic Founder Workshop. If you have not already attended a Chronic Founder workshop you owe it to yourself and your horse to do so. Check out our calendar for workshop dates near you. 

"Laminitis, founder & equine digital osteoarthritis" by keith "kc" Lapierre

After 6 years in the making we are excited to offer KC La Pierre's newest book "Laminitis, Founder & Equine Digital Osteoarthritis.
"This book is the first book in over a century to challenge the very foundations of today's hoof care industry."
With 250 pages, over 180 color illustrations, extensive bibliography,  glossary, and index. It promises to be the go-to text for the most up-to-date information on hoof care for horses suffering these devastating pathologies. This book is the culmination of three decades of applied research, evidence based in vivo, and in vitro study. This book is for anyone that wishes to improve the quality of life of the horses in their care.