Iaep, inc. Teaching horse owners and professionals holistic hoof care. 

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Applied Equine Podiatry

The Science of Whole Health Hoof Care

On-Line Modules of Study Level One

1. Philosophies and Principles of Applied Equine Podiatry

2. Anatomy of the Equine Foot and Lower Limb

3. The Suspension Theory of Hoof Dynamics

4. Functional Anatomy & Physiology of the Equine Foot

5. Defining Correct Structure and its Stimulus (Environment)

Mid Term Exam 

6. Defining the Five Dimensions of the HPT Method 

7. The HPT Method 

8. Tool Use within the Method 

9. Advancing the Science

10. Addressing common foot problems 

Final Exam

On-line learning opportunities

Dedicated to increasing your understanding of the health of the horse, IAEP has developed courses for every level of participant, from the pleasure horse owner, to the farrier, to the veterinarian, and all other horse professionals. We want to encourage everyone to gain a better understanding of hoof development, and to learn how hoof development affects every aspect of the horse's health.The Institute is leading the way with an innovative curriculum deisgned to advance the science of Applied Equine Podiatry. Our online programs demonstrate our commitment to higher education and to advancing the science of modern hoof care.

A Certificate of Completion is awarded for this course. 

Course Cost: $475.00 USD Enroll Now.